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Aromë Essential Oils

Only the best. There is no comparison.

Not all essential oils are created equal. Some "cheap" companies claim they sell pure oils but are often diluted or mixed with synthetic oils, sometimes doing more harm than good. We've dedicated more than 20 years of quality assessment to refine our current inventory.

Our exceptionally fine essential oils come direct from small-scale farms and essential oil distilleries and are 100% pure (never diluted). We ensure quality cultivation, ethical extraction methods and authenticated results - only the best. 

aromë is one of the few purveyors of true enfleurage essential oils in North America. These organic absolutes are very rare, made in small batches at artisanal distilleries, and are among the finest in the world. 

We specialize in 100% pure, therapueitc-quality essential oils with inventory of over 150 different essential oils from 6 continents worldwide. 

aromë oils ensure maximimum freshness because we only bottle and label our oils once an order has been made. All of our essential oils are bottled by hand with personal care for every order. We don't use automated machines or cheap low-quality processes, nor do we make hyped up, unsubstantiated claims about the benefits of essential oils. The quality of our essential oils speaks for itself.

Find a dealer, try our essential oil once, and you'll never buy another brand again!

High-Grade, Genuine Essential Oils Cultivated & Distilled Properly 
Preserving the natural, God-Given plant benefits and the delicate aromatic compounds

Quality Cultivation
Ethical Extraction Methods
Authenticated Results

Find A Licensed Dealer Near You ... Buy Your Oils sells aromë essential oils as well as many accessories like diffusers, storage boxes, travel totes, essential oil organizers, and presentation cases for your essential oil business. They even have a wide variety of essential oil difusser jewelry & essential oil t-shirts 

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What Our Customers Say

"Hands down, the best essential oil I've found. aromë is my new fave!"

M. Lurndo

"I was a little skeptical at first to buy essential oils from a company that wasn't one of the '2 well-known companies' LOL, but I'm glad I tried it! Now I tell all my friends to switch."

T. Thompson

"What can I say? The aromas are divine!"

S. Coon

What Makes Us Different

aromë supplies essential oils to hundreds of "everyday oil enthisiasts" and we also supply essential oils to re-sellers, hospitals, clinics, and practicing aromatherapists around the world. So we know a thing or two about meeting stringent requirements for quality, as well as environmental and socially ethical sourcing.

Other comapnies cut their essential oils with cheap or synthetic oils to sell them at a huge profit. Some companies produce a man-made synthetic frangrance product that is not acceptable for therapeutic use. 

However, aromë true essential oils are 100% pure and natural extracts taken from plants that are properly grown, cultivated and distilled in the highest standard quality to maintain all the plant's God-given compounds. We're not the cheapest around, because we are of superior quality. 


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We are experts in sourcing and importing therapeutic quality essential oils. We offer a line of over 150 therapeutic grade essential oils and 20 aromatherapy blends to retailes, clinics, hospitals, healthcare facilities, and other approved businesses such as aromatherapists, massage therapists, yoga studios, spas, etc.

If you want true therapeutic grade wholesale essential oils, for yourself and your customers, youv'e come to the right place.

We sell nothing less than true therapeutic quality essential oils. You'll find no "fragrance oils" or low-quality "made in china" kits or adulterated oils here - only the very best quality.

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